Manhattan is home too many legal professionals, but when it comes to guardianship cases under Article 81, Manuel Moses is among them. With an understanding of the intricacies involved, Manuel Moses offers specialized services for unique needs of families and individuals. This page provides a detailed overview of the services he offers, focusing on specific situations that may necessitate the appointment of a guardian.

Unable to Care for Personal Property

There are times when an individual, due to various incapacitating factors, cannot manage their personal property. Whether it’s age, illness, or other reasons, the appointment of a guardian becomes essential to ensure the proper handling and protection of the individual’s assets.

Manuel Moses, as an Article 81 Guardianship Attorney in Manhattan, provides expert legal guidance in these situations. He ensures that the best interests of the incapacitated person are always at the forefront.

Power of Attorney

A power of attorney is a pivotal legal document that allows one to appoint another to act on their behalf. However, its validity can sometimes be contested, or its provisions might not fully address the needs of the individual.

In such challenging scenarios, Manuel Moses’s can help you to find you find a psychiatric professional to determine competency enabling your loved one to sign a power of attorney. He guides families through the process of establishing a more fitting guardianship arrangement, ensuring the individual’s rights and well-being are protected.

Dementia or Alzheimer’s

Progressive conditions like dementia and Alzheimer’s can significantly impact an individual’s cognitive functions. As these diseases advance, the person may face difficulties with decision-making, memory, and daily tasks.

Manuel Moses offers specialized services in Manhattan for families grappling with the challenges of dementia or Alzheimer’s. His legal counsel on establishing guardianship ensures that the affected individual receives the necessary care and support.

Psychiatric Disorders

Psychiatric disorders, be it severe depression, bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, or other conditions, can sometimes hinder an individual’s capacity to make informed decisions. In such cases, legal intervention becomes crucial.

Manuel Moses, with his experience as an Article 81 Guardianship in Manhattan, handles cases involving psychiatric disorders with utmost care. He offers expert legal advice and representation, ensuring the rights and best interests of the affected individual are always upheld.

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Guardianship, especially under Article 81, demands a blend of legal acumen and empathy. Manuel Moses is dedicated to offering comprehensive legal services in this domain, covering everything from personal property management to complex health conditions. Families and individuals in Manhattan can trust his legal insight to guide them through the complexities of guardianship.