Birth Trauma

Birth Trauma Is One of the Most Devastating Events That Can Happen to a Family

What should be joyous celebration in life instead becomes tragic and heartbreaking. If you are a parent of an injured newborn, you will understandably want to know if anything went wrong during the delivery and what can be done for your child going forward. A lawyer can help you review your child’s medical records for potential causes of birth trauma. A lawyer can also help you understand your child’s legal rights and help obtain a judgment or settlement that can provide for your child in life. At the law office of Manuel Moses, doctors who are also medical malpractice lawyers are consulted and assist in obtaining a positive outcome. We do the cases together and we are prepared to review your medical files for any negligence by a doctor, nurse, or hospital that could have caused your child’s birth trauma.

Birth Trauma and Medical Malpractice

Birth trauma involves injuries that occur during the process of childbirth. Labor and delivery can be a difficult process and a doctor has a duty provide reasonable care for both the mother and child. In New York, if a doctor makes a mistake during the delivery of your child, or if the hospital makes an error, a birth trauma injury can result. This mistake may be medical malpractice. Injuries from birth trauma can include bone fractures, brain damage, cerebral palsy, spinal cord damage, umbilical cord damage, and brachial plexus palsy.

These Birth Trauma Injuries May Be Caused in a Number of Ways

In particular, oxygen deprivation during birth can cause terrible, life altering injuries, including mental impairment or cerebral palsy. Oxygen deprivation is sometimes caused by a doctor not timely performing a Caesarian Section (C-section) or failing to recognize signs and symptoms of a problem. Other birth trauma injuries may occur when a doctor fails to respond with the proper procedure or fails to communicate a problem effectively. If you think that your baby has suffered from a birth trauma, it is important to have your medical records reviewed by a lawyer so that you do not have to bear the extra medical costs of assisting your child. A good New York medical malpractice lawyer can help you provide for your injured child and better your child’s quality of life.

How a  Birth Trauma Lawyer Can Help

Birth trauma injuries can often have significant long term consequences and may require a lifetime of health care. The cost of this care is very expensive. A lawyer can assist you in recovering the money needed to properly care for your child and help your child live a normal life. A lawyer can assist your case by obtaining medical records necessary to determine if there is a claim. A good lawyer will also investigate on your behalf and gather evidence to support your lawsuit that might otherwise be difficult to acquire from many New York hospitals, including medical records, testimony, and expert opinions. A lawyer can also assist by seeking a settlement or taking a case to trial in New York courts or elsewhere.

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Disclaimer: Nothing on this page constitutes formal legal advice and you are strongly urged to consult a lawyer about your injury and potential law suit.