Construction Sites Can be Dangerous Areas to Work

While construction related jobs makes up about 6% of the American workforce, it accounts for 20% of workplace deaths.  Additionally, about 8 in 100 construction workers are injured on construction sites per year.  There are many potential hazards that can cause serious injury to a construction worker.

New York Labor Law Regulations & Safety Devices

In New York, regulations exist which require the property owner at a construction site to provide functional, properly placed safety devices that are appropriate to protect the worker for the work being performed. For example, New York Labor Law requires certain safety devices to be erected to protect against injuries caused by gravity or a fall from an elevation or elevated work surface.

Proper and Adequate Safety Measures

When a worker is required to do work that exposes them to different elevations, the law demands a proper and adequate safety measure to be installed, including, but not limited to, scaffolding, ladders, ropes, hoists, or bracers or guard rails or netting.  These devices must be properly placed to prevent an injury due to a fall.

Sources of Danger on Construction Sites in NYC

Some of these dangers include machinery accidents, excavation or demolition accidents, health hazards from chemical materials such as asbestos, extreme noise, falling objects, steel beams and injuries to iron workers or broken glass or other construction material.

Injured on a Construction Site

If you were injured on a construction site there is a very real possibility that a safety device may have failed, been improperly placed, or did not even exist at all. An attorney can assist you in determining if a law or regulation was violated on a construction site where you were injured.  There are thousands of regulations and it is important to seek professional assistance in protecting yourself or compensating yourself after an injury.

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